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December, 05th 2018

Ensure You Have the Best Male Tinder Bio

For the male population on Tinder, the competition is fierce. There are more men than women on Tinder, so to have a decent chance, you must make sure you put the best male Tinder bio out there.

Putting together an entire profile may seem intimidating, but with the steps outlined here – if you follow them – you are going to create one of the best male Tinder bios, and from there, you will get to enjoy seeing those matches roll right in.

Say a lot with a few words. This is an art and you will need to give this a lot of thought. Here are some questions that you will have to ask yourself: What vibe do you want to give and how do you want to come across? What type of woman are you trying to attract? What are you looking for? What do you have to offer? What can you offer her? Yes, all of this in less than 500 words. It can be done but you need to think through these questions and come up with some ideas. Seem impossible and confusing? I am sure. Don’t worry, I am going to give you a great sample that you can play on. For now, keep reading.

You must come across as very confident. There can be no trace of neediness, desperation or that you were/are a victim of a bad relationship. Save that crap for your therapist. Please. Avoid phrases like “been here before” “still looking for that special someone.” These phrases will not add any value to your bio.

Add Humor. There is nothing better than making her chuckle when she reads your bio.

Don’t do “plain vanilla”. There is nothing worse than a boring bio – one that will make her want to take a snooze. Example: I’m chill, love Netflix and want a drama-free experience.” AVOID. AVOID. AVOID. Nothing will induce a left swipe faster than this.

Make a connection with her. This is huge. Think about ways that you have connected with people in the past in real life. Most likely, you were relaxed, looked them in the eye and most important, were genuine – your true self. Think “authenticity.” This is what MUST come across in your bio. A woman will recognize this in a heartbeat and will immediately swipe to the right when she sees it. Why? Because it shows you have a strong sense of who you are. This alone, will lead her to think of and imagine all the other positive traits you have. Out of all the points listed here, this one is the most important in ensuring you will have the best male Tinder bio on the market.

So now that we have discussed what the best male Tinder bios should include, let’s look at this sample:

“Entrepreneur, avid reader, loves travel and fine dining. Work hard, play hard is how I live. Easy-going nature with close family ties. Would love to meet someone who is interested in some of the above and/or who is willing to introduce me to new hobbies, interests and experiences. Open for anything!”

I love this for the following reasons:

1) it shows you are responsible but know how to have a work/life balance, which is a must these days because most of us have become way too focused on work and have forgotten how to have fun;

2) you state your interests and give insight into your personality;

3) you reveal something personal; and,

4) the bio shows that you are caring. How? You are giving her an opportunity to think about what she likes and even better, are open to try it.

It does not get much better than this. You have captured the most important points outlined earlier to execute the best male Tinder bio and it flows perfectly.Now, don’t misunderstand, if this is not who you are, that is fine. You can totally play off this bio and make it one of the best male Tinder bios out there. You will just need to carefully change the wording to match your awesome, authentic true self.

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