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November, 22nd 2018

Tips for the Best Dating Profile Headlines

So here you are, ready to try online dating. Or, maybe, you are a pro. Either way, it is a must to have a kick-ass profile. One component of this is to have an awesome dating profile headline. As you start the task of putting together and/or updating your profile, one thing to consider is what to say. The headline in your dating profile is a title that is meant to stand out. Carefully crafting an amazing dating profile headline takes some effort. Here, we will give you “industry standards” on what works and what doesn’t. Taking the time and effort to create a great headline really does go a long way and may determine just how happy you’ll be after that login to check on who you have been matched with.

Excellent Dating Profile Headline Features

You are going to be saying a lot using a limited amount of words, therefore, be true to yourself as it relates to what you are looking for. If you want to pursue something meaningful and potentially long-lasting, use words that will give that vibe (Example: Compassionate and driven hopeless romantic looking for someone to share life’s adventures with.”) If you are looking for something casual and non-committal, make your words reflect that scenario, (Examples: “I make breakfast in the morning” or “I’m the guy your mom warned you about …”)

Make sure your dating profile headline includes something about your personality, what you like to do and what you are looking for -- maybe even ask her a question. (Example: Avid reader and traveler would love to partner up and travel the world … where would you like to go next?)

Be relatable. “Hugely successful neurosurgeon in search of life partner” – NO; “Fun-loving and witty MD who loves to travel in search of similarly-minded partner.” YES!

Now that we have shared what great dating profile headlines are made up of, let’s talk about what messages your dating profile headline should never convey.

Do not show a single shred of desperation. Coming off desperate or portraying yourself as a victim is not the way to go and will send her running in the opposition direction. (Example: Are there any good women out there? Can’t take another disappointment.”) BARF. You get it. Don’t sound ANYTHING like this.

Do not give the impression that only losers use online dating sites. Do not start your dating profile with a headline that says something like “I don’t usually do this . . .” First, she will know you are an effing liar because most everyone who says that HAS done it before. Second, it is an indirect insult. You don’t usually do this, but suppose she does? Just do not go there – nothing good will come of it. If you do decide to say this, make sure you are completely off any other dating site and that the psycho bitch you met from the last dating site has absolutely no access to you. I say this because if you follow all the steps outlined here, you will score, and I don’t want to be responsible for a cluster-fuck. You read that right, noun, kləstərˌfək (a disastrously mishandled situation).

Avoid cliché and overused headlines that everyone else uses. Why? Because they are not authentic, and it immediately puts two things out there: 1) You don’t care enough about the process to give it your all; and 2) you’re lazy. Be creative and get your own.

No spelling or grammatical errors. I know we are all human and bound to make mistakes, but, HELLO, this is a headline!

Okay, now you have some pretty good stuff to work with so that you can create an excellent dating profile headline. Remember that you are unique and there is someone out there who is looking for exactly what you have to offer, so let that uniqueness shine through.

Happy Swiping!

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