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November, 10th 2018

Top 10 Reasons You are Not Getting Matches on Tinder

If you find yourself having no matches on tinder, then it’s time to make some changes to get those matches rolling in. We are certain that after reading this article and taking into consideration all that is being said here, you can proceed to find the relationship you are looking for.

1. Photos

This is listed first for a reason. It will be the longest paragraph within this article:

Photos – every aspect of them – are huge in the overall scheme of determining why you have no matches on Tinder. First, is the issue of quality – all photos should be clear. Second, post pictures that are true to yourself – if you like to hike, show pictures of that, but not too many, as you want to show your diversity. Be creative and chose photos in different settings that show your personality (example: at a ball game, at work, with family, your pet, etc.) The photos should represent you in a natural setting, not something forced (example: you shirtless showing off your abs with your arm around Grandma). Third, avoid selfies PLEASE! Selfies are boring, unnatural and most times, the photo quality is poor. Fourth, make sure you have photos that show all of you. Avoid posting face shots – it will make the person on the other end wonder why. Remember, the photo is the first thing people are seeing. Invest time in selecting the best photos that display the amazing and unique you.

2. No Bio

Tinder suicide. Just like you are going to now choose a variety of photos that show your true and best self, you next need to have a bio that does the same. Your Tinder bio should be short and to the point. Example: “By day, I am [list your job title or general job description], but when the work day is over, it's time for relaxation and fun – whether that be going out for great meal, checking out a new movie, going for a workout, staying in and us cooking a meal together or taking a spontaneous trip to somewhere awesome!” This bio is great for many reasons. It shows that you are employed and responsible, but know how to relax and have fun after 5 p.m. It also shows you care about your physical appearance and, can spend time in the kitchen – a huge turn on. Summary: Keep it short, upbeat and simple.

3. A Poorly-Written Bio

Here is a sure-fire way to get little to no matches on Tinder: “Hi there. Looking to find the love of my life. I am divorced with two kids or just broke up with my girlfriend. Hoping you will make up for all that has gone wrong.” Avoid saying too much, too soon and refer to paragraph (No. 2) above.

4. Too Chatty

Revealing too much about yourself too soon is not a good thing. Dole out information about yourself slowly and at the appropriate time. Too much too soon can make things awkward and convey the following message “desperate”. Remember, the goal of a dating appis to get to the first date. On average, it should take about 6 messages to get a telephone number. If you do not get her number, she may not be interested. Also, if you are conversing too much, odds are that she will lose interest.

5. You’re Out of Shape

Yes, even dudes must deal with this. Sad, but true, being out of shape can be a huge factor in getting no matches on Tinder. If you look down and can’t see your penis, give it a month, lay off the beer and wings, hit the gym and then take some new photos.

6. Too Many Right Swipes

Tinder has an algorithm. If you always swipe right, you may be flagged as a fake account – thus, you will likely have no matches Tinder. Only swipe right on women you are truly interested in. If you are a guy and swipe right over 70% of the time, Tinder will (oh no!) penalize you with their black box algorithm, so please keep this in mind before mindlessly right-swiping.

7. Too Much-Filtering

We all have a “type” in mind, but if you are using too many filters, you may have little to no matches on Tinder. This does not mean you have to change your profile – you are only being honest, but if you are only looking for drop-dead gorgeous women or much younger women, it might make things a bit more difficult. This problem grows exponentially when you live in small town, as opposed to a city with millions of profiles. Be open-minded.

8. Too Needy

If you appear too needy, you will have no matches on Tinder or even worse, you will have a match -- with someone who is as needy as you are! Never, ever continue to message a woman after she has ignored you. Move on.

9. Bad Haircut and Skin

Superficial? Totally. Truthful as to why you are getting no matches on Tinder -- 100%. While looks are not the only factor determining your success, people are seeing your photos first – not you in person. Therefore, your appearance is the FIRST thing a woman is going to judge you on. It does not matter if you discovered a cure for a deadly disease or rescued a million puppies -- women are not going to read your profile and discover the wonderful qualities you possess unless you have a photo that displays your best attributes. Think neat, polished and well-groomed.

10. Combination of Bad Photos and A Poorly Written Bio

If you’re getting no matches on Tinder with your current bio and photos, consider revamping both. Prior to doing so, refer to paragraphs (1 through 9) above. By paying attention to all that has been written here and taking these simple steps, you will go from having no matches on Tinder to definitely being more successful. Our research shows that the difference between a poorly written bio as opposed to clever and well-written bio results in about 300% more matches.

Now you know what the problems are and how to address them, you can look forward to watching many more matches roll in after a few tweaks.

Happy swiping!

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